You decide that tonight would be the perfect night to stay in and watch a movie (7:30PM)

We’ve all been there, whether it’s a cold rainy night, there’s nothing going on, or you just don’t feel like getting off the couch. Movie’s are the best way to spend a night in, you turn on the TV and decide to fire up your old friend Netflix.


The hunt for the perfect movie begins. (7:32PM)

One of the most difficult things about deciding to watch a movie is actually picking the perfect movie to watch. You flip though all the movie’s on the main page, flipping through the list 2 or more times. The struggle to find the perfect movie is real.


Picking one movie is hard so you decide to try and figure out what genre movie you want to watch (8:32PM)

This in itself is an impossible task but you have far less options to choose from so you tell yourself it can be done. You flip through picking 3 different genres but you struggle committing to one of them. Finally, you decide that your in the mood for a comedy (Everyones always down to watch a comedy)



You hit a snag when, after an hour, you realize that you’re not quite in the mood for a Comedy anymore. (9:32PM)

Fuck genre’s, you scroll back to the main page, and go straight to the trending list on Netflix. WHAT ARE THE PEOPLE WATCHING?! Someone has to have some good idea’s on movies to watch.



You’ve looked at every possible movie on the Main Page of Netflix and still can’t decide(10:15PM)

You’ve actually gone over each movie twice, maybe even three times, but you can’t decide. The frustration mounts as you begin to realize that you’ll never find the “Perfect movie to watch.


You look at the clock and realize it’s 10:35PM, you still haven’t picked a movie to watch, and that your super picky nature is why you’re going to grow old alone without so much as a movie to watch.