Is Netflix’s new Sci-Fi thriller “The Titan” worth watching?

Feature length debut for German born director Lennart Ruff was an ambitious venture into the Sci-fi realm, the story, cast, and direction had potential but ultimately fell flat. Sam Worthington’s performance was well done and helped redeem the failed storyline.


I really enjoyed the beginning of this movie and thought it could of been really well done, however, as time went on, I realized that the movie wasn’t progressing fast enough, which ultimately led to an empty and lackluster ending.

Immensely disappointed that this movie wasn’t better than it was but in the end I feel like this was a failed script/story and not necessarily the directors fault, I’m not sure how Netflix’s exec’s didn’t foresee that people would be disappointed with the ending and ultimately the movie but Netflix’s recent push (Annihilation) into the realm of Sci-fi has shown promise and Sci-Fi fans should be excited to see what’s next.

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