Every time I watch a War Movie I automatically compare it to Saving Private Ryan (1998), which is, in my opinion, one of the best films depicting true events ever made. Now obviously 12 Strong wasn’t intended to compete with the like of Saving Private Ryan or Dunkirk (2017) so I can’t be as critical of it, but, I do expect it to be as good as Black Hawk Down (2001).


This type of war movie is not supposed to be epic, filled with intense dialogue, or particularly well acted. Its sole purpose is to tell the story of the first 12 men who waged war against the Taliban, they’ve opted to do this in a Bruckheimer-esque kind of way, lot’s of explosions and lots of action. I love these kinds of movies, they stimulate and entertain.


The acting was surprisingly well-done and believable, I also think this movie was incredibly well casted, and the set design was on point. All in all, I enjoyed this movie, the cast, costumes, set, location, etc. made everything relatively believable and enjoyable. Chris Hemsworth was comfortable in his role as this particular character wasn’t much a departure from his usual roles, but, like always, he played it well and made this movie worth the watch.

Overall, I would recommend this movie for anyone interested in watching 2 hours of Jerry Bruckheimer, America loving, awesomeness. Visuals are spectacular and the action is non-stop, not an award winning movie but man if you like action you’re going to love this movie.

Action: 10/10

Story: 7/10

Acting: 6.5/10

Explosions: 9/10

Rated among War Movies: 8.5/10