Netflix takes a stab at big budget mega action movies by teaming up director Michael Bay with everyone’s favourite actor, Ryan Reynolds, in the new 6 Underground. Anyone who follows Reynolds on social media will have seen numerous promo posts for this movie which usually included a car chase or explosion. The trailers promised a return to the golden days – think big explosions with even bigger budgets. Bay is known for his love of explosions, but within the first 30 minutes of this movie I got the sense that he may be trying to hard on this one.

Movie goers are all in for fun, action packed movies but we need them to make sense with a logical flow to the story. While watching 6 Underground it seemed like Bay just mapped out a bunch of explosions and then made a movie around them. It’s worth a watch but just be aware that there is a lack of substance to it. The emotional moments feels empty and the explosions seemed ill timed.

Overall, it’s a relatively fun movie to watch but the lack of plot and sloppy editing really take away from the movie.

Verdict: 2.5/5 from your friends at Nerdy Popcorn.