Can Underwater Rise Up to Expectations?

Available online Now.

Initial release: January 8, 2020
Director: William Eubank
Box office: $40.9 million
Budget: 65 million USD

Get your Popcorn ready, Underwater movie review up next, everyone who’s seen the trailer want’s to know if it’s as good as the trailer made it seem. Short Answer is No. Honestly I had my hopes up for this movie, I typically love sci-fi style movies, but this one just missed the mark. I love the story idea but everything seems rushed. This movie had potential but the screenplay was terrible, not really worth watching. There wasn’t enough time in the movie to connect with anyone in the movie. There were some cool scenes but they were just meh.

I give this a Nerdy Popcorn review 3.3/10. I can’t figure out one scenario in which this movie would be fun to watch.

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