M. Night Shyamalan loves to insert a good twist into all of his movies and OLD is no different. This movie is equal parts entertaining, disturbing, lacklustre, and boring.

If you’ve enjoyed any of M. Night Shyamalan’s movie you’ll want to watch OLD, it hold true to his style of movie. It is currently sitting around the 50% mark on Rotten Tomatoes for both Critics and Users, and I believe this won’t change much.

It a little sloppy in terms of execution and flow, which was a little disappointing an it was slow at parts. I would recommend this movie when you’re bored, or if you’re having a date night because it’s the perfect movie to talk through – Minimal dialogue that doesn’t really move the movie forward – Shyamalan seemed to focus entirely on visuals to guide you through the Journey that the island mates go on. The infamous twist at the end of the movie was clever and interesting which ultimately made it watchable. The story is good, the writing was sub par, and Shyamalan’s execution was sloppy.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I’m giving this movie 2 Popcorn Kernels out of 5. It does certainly doesn’t pop but it’s worth watching.