With “A Quiet Place” being released tomorrow, I’ve complied a list of 5 Essential Tips for Watching a Scary Movie.

Make sure to have a pillow or arm to grab onto during the build up to any scene you know will make you jump. This will literally save your life, because, as we all know hiding behind a pillow confuses would be murders/ghosts.



Make sure to have a Happy/Feel good movie to watch after the horror movie! This is essential to surviving any scary movie. What kind of a psycho murder goes to bed directly after watching a terrifying movie? Popular choices include any Disney movie, almost any Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler movie.



Drink all the wine prior to starting the movie. I cannot stress this enough! I can’t even begin to tell you how many wine stains have accumulated on my couch from watching scary movies.



Check in with family and friends at the end of the movie and before bed. We all know that by watching particularly terrifying movies we increase the likely hood of those things happening to us. It’s Science. By checking in with family and friends we are doing the opposite of what every person that is murdered in a scary movie does, thus, escaping a similar fate.



Remember it’s just a movie and it’s probably not going to happen to you. Get in bed, relax, take it easy, don’t think about the fact that you just witnessed some truly terrifying shit and that if you shut your eyes you’ll likely be murdered. Also, always remember, if you get under your covers you are protected from most scary things! Again, Science!


You should be all set for any scary movie now! If you have anything you do to prepare for a scary movie post in the comments below.